RxTerms API
The RxTerms API is a web service for accessing the current RxTerms data set. No license is needed to use the RxTerms API.

Note: Please check the Terms of Service for restrictions on using the APIs.

The API can be accessed by clients through the RxTerms RESTful web services. (The SOAP web services have been deprecated as of July 2019 and were terminated in January 2020.)

Functions and Resources

In the table, the base URI ( https://rxnav.nlm.nih.gov/REST/RxTerms/ ) for the REST resources has been omitted to improve readability. The functional name is used in RxMix.

Functional Name REST Resource Description
getAllRxTermInfo /rxcui/{rxcui}/allinfo Retrieve RxTerms information for a specified RxNorm concept
getRxTermDisplayName /rxcui/{rxcui}/name Retrieve the RxTerms display name for a specified RxNorm concept
getRxTermsVersion /version Retrieve the RxTerms version
getAllConcepts /allconcepts Retrieve all RxTerms concepts