RxTerms API
The RxTerms API is a web service for accessing the current RxTerms data set. No license is needed to use the RxTerms API.

Note: Please check the Terms of Service for restrictions on using the APIs.

The API can be accessed by clients in two different ways:

Functions and Resources

In the table, the base URI ( https://rxnav.nlm.nih.gov/REST/RxTerms/ ) for the REST resources has been omitted to improve readability.

SOAP Function
Will be terminated
in January 2020)
REST Resource Description
getAllRxTermInfo /rxcui/{rxcui}/allinfo Retrieve RxTerms information for a specified RxNorm concept
getRxTermDisplayName /rxcui/{rxcui}/name Retrieve the RxTerms display name for a specified RxNorm concept
getRxTermsVersion /version Retrieve the RxTerms version
getAllConcepts /allconcepts Retrieve all RxTerms concepts