RxTerms API
The RxTerms API is a web service for accessing the current RxTerms data set. No license is needed to use the RxTerms API.

Note: Please check the Terms of Service for restrictions on using the APIs.

The API can return the data in XML or JSON formats. The XML structure is described in the rxtermsrest.xsd XML schema.

The base URI for the API is https://rxnav.nlm.nih.gov/REST/RxTerms. A complete resource URI is formed by combining the base URI, a REST resource from the table below, ".json" if you want JSON instead of XML, and query parameters (described on the detail page of each resource). For example:


The API only supports the HTTP method GET.

Functions and Resources

The following table shows each function (also known as a REST resource) in the API.
REST Resource
URL pattern to reach the resource. The link leads to the parameters and other details of the resource
Functional Name
How the resource may be referenced in literature and RxMix
Content of the resource
Functional Name REST Resource Description
getAllRxTermInfo /rxcui/{rxcui}/allinfo Retrieve RxTerms information for a specified RxNorm concept
getRxTermDisplayName /rxcui/{rxcui}/name Retrieve the RxTerms display name for a specified RxNorm concept
getRxTermsVersion /version Retrieve the RxTerms version
getAllConcepts /allconcepts Retrieve all RxTerms concepts