The RxNorm SOAP API is a web service for accessing the current RxNorm data set from your program via SOAP/WSDL. Useful links:


SOAP Function Description
filterByProperty Filter by property
findRxcuiById Search by identifier to find RxNorm concepts
findRxcuiByString Search by name to find RxNorm concepts
getAllConceptsByTTY Return the RxNorm concepts for the specified term types
getAllHistoricalNDCs Return all National Drug Codes (NDC) for a concept
getAllNDCs TO BE DEPRECATED. Use getAllHistoricalNDCs instead.
getAllProperties Return all properties for a concept
getAllRelatedInfo Return all related concept information
getApproximateMatch Search by name to find the closest strings
getDisplayTerms Return the auto suggestion names
getDrugs Return the related drugs
getIdTypes Return the available identifier types
getMultiIngredBrand Return the brands containing the specified ingredients
getNDCProperties Return all National Drug Codes (NDC) properties for a concept, structured product label or NDC
getNDCs Return all National Drug Codes (NDC) for a concept
getNDCStatus Return the status of a National Drug Codes (NDC)
getPropCategories Return the property categories.
getPropNames Return the property names.
getProprietaryInformation Return the proprietary information for a concept
getRelatedByRelationship Return the related concepts of specified relationship types
getRelatedByType Return the related concepts of specified term types
getRelaTypes Return the available relationship types
getRxConceptProperties Return the concepts properties
getRxcuiStatus Return the status of the concept
getRxNormVersion Return the RxNorm data set version
getRxProperty Return the value of a concept property
getSourceTypes Return the available vocabulary abbreviated source types
getSpellingSuggestions Return spelling suggestions for a name
getTermTypes Return the available term types

Deprecated Functions

SOAP Function Description
approxMatch DEPRECATED. Use getApproximateMatch
findRemapped DEPRECATED. Use getRxcuiStatus
getAllClasses DEPRECATED. Use the RxClass API function to return the drug class concepts for the specified drug vocabulary
getClassHierarchy DEPRECATED. Use the RxClass API functions to return drug class information
getClassMembers DEPRECATED. Use the RxClass API function to return members of a drug class
getQuantity DEPRECATED. Use getRxProperty
getSplSetId DEPRECATED. Use getRxProperty
getStrength DEPRECATED. Use getRxProperty
getUNII DEPRECATED. Use getRxProperty