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RxImage API Parameters
Below is a list of all commands or search parameters that can be used with the API. All parameters should be escaped as per normal web URL encoding standards (RFC 1738). In the table, the base URI ( https://rximage.nlm.nih.gov/api/rximage/1/ ) for the GET parameter has been omitted to improve readability.

The RxImage API can be used on either the rxnav or rxbase resource. An explanation of difference between the two can be found here. Example URLs:

GET Parameters - Image Selection

These parameters define what pill characteristics to search by. Parameters can be combined, for example: The above link will search for blue pills, imprinted with "93", and containing Eszopiclone.

GET Parameter Description
color Search by pill color.
id Search by image id.
imprint Search by physical imprint present on pill.
imprintColor Search by the color of the imprint.
imprintType Search by the type of imprint.
inactive Search by name of inactive ingredient.
matchPackSize Filter by pack size when searching by NDC.
matchRelabeled Include relabeled versions when searching by NDC.
name Search by drug name.
ndc Search by NDC.
parse Search using a string with multiple arguments.
rootId Search by SPL Root ID.
rxcui Search by RxCUI.
score Search by number of segments the pill is scored to split into.
setId Search by SPL Set ID.
shape Search by pill shape.
size Search by pill size in millimeters.
sizeT Set size tolerance when searching by size.
symbol Include or exclude pills with symbols or markings.

GET Parameters - Results Control

These control parameters modify how results are returned by the selection parameters listed in the above section. They do not query for results themselves, so a query must contain at least one selection parameter. For example: This will search for blue pills, but will also include the physical characteristics (MPC) and ingredient data, limit the total results returned to 10, and return images in a 600px resolution.

GET Parameter Description
includeActive Include data on active ingredients in reply.
includeInactive Include data on inactive ingredients in reply.
includeIngredients Include data on active and inactive ingredients in reply.
includeMpc Include MPC data in reply.
resolution Specify resolution of images returned.
rLimit Limit total number of results returned.
rPage Specify which page of results to return.
rPageSize Set number of results per page.