The RxClass SOAP API is a web service for accessing the current RxClass data set from your program via SOAP/WSDL. It provides services linking RxNorm drugs to drug classifications from a number of different class trees. The RxClass browser uses the API to retrieve drug and class data.

Useful links:
The web service endpoint is https://mor.nlm.nih.gov/axis/services/RxClassDBService


SOAP Function Description
findClassById TO BE DEPRECATED. Use findClassesById instead
findClassesById newFind the drug classes from a class identifier
findSimilarClassesByClass Find classes with similar members
findSimilarClassesByDrugList Find classes with similar members from a list of RxNorm drug identifiers
findClassByName Retrieve class information from a class name
getAllClasses Get all class information
getClassByRxNormDrugId Get the classes containing a specified drug as a member
getClassByRxNormDrugName Get the classes containing a specified drug as a member
getClassContexts Get the context of a class
getClassGraph TO BE DEPRECATED. Use getClassGraphBySource instead.
getClassGraphBySource newGet the class graph of ancestors
getClassMembers Get the drug members of a class
getClassTree Get the descendents of a class
getClassTypes Get the class types
getRelas Get the relationships for a source of drug relations
getSimilarityInformation Get the similarity information between members of two classes
getSourcesOfDrugClassRelations Get the sources of drug-class relationships
getSpellingSuggestions Get the spelling suggestions for a drug or class name