Prescribable RxNorm RESTful API


The Prescribable RxNorm RESTful web API is a web service developed at the National Library of Medicine for accessing the Prescribable RxNorm data. Representational state transfer (REST) is a style of software architecture for distributed hypermedia systems such as the World Wide Web. REST-style architectures consist of clients and servers. Clients initiate requests to servers; servers process requests and return appropriate responses. Requests and responses are built around the transfer of "representations" of "resources". A resource can be essentially any coherent and meaningful concept that may be addressed. A representation of a resource is typically a document that captures the current or intended state of a resource.

The Prescribable RxNorm RESTful web API is a simple web service implemented using HTTP and can be thought of as a collection of resources, specified as URIs. Some characteristics of the Prescribable RxNorm RESTful web API:
The following table lists the Prescribable API resources. The query string fields are described in the detail sections for each resource.


REST resource Description
/ Resource base
/approximateTerm Return closest terms from an approximate match search
/rxcui/{rxcui}/filter Filter by property
/rxcui?idtype Search by identifier to find RxNorm concepts
/rxcui?name Search by name to find RxNorm concepts
/allconcepts Return the RxNorm concepts for the specified term types
/rxcui/{rxcui}/allProperties Return all properties for a concept
/rxcui/{rxcui}/allrelated Return all related concept information
/displaynames Return the auto suggestion names
/drugs Return the related drugs
/idtypes Return the available identifier types
/brands Return the brands containing the specified ingredients
/rxcui/{rxcui}/ndcs Return all National Drug Codes (NDC) for a concept
/propCategories Return the property categories.
/propnames Return the property names.
/rxcui/{rxcui}/related?rela Return the related concepts of specified relationship types
/rxcui/{rxcui}/related?tty Return the related concepts of specified term types
/relatypes Return the available relationship types
/rxcui/{rxcui}/properties Return the concepts properties
/rxcui/{rxcui}/property Return the value of a concept property
/sourcetypes Return the available vocabulary abbreviated source types
/spellingsuggestions Return spelling suggestions for a name
/termtypes Return the available term types

Deprecated Resources

REST resource Description
/approx DEPRECATED. Use /approximateTerm instead.
/rxcui/{rxcui}/quantity DEPRECATED. Use /rxcui/{rxcui}/property?propName=QUANTITY
/rxcui/{rxcui}/splsetid DEPRECATED. Use /rxcui/{rxcui}/property?propName=SPL_SET_ID
/rxcui/{rxcui}/strength DEPRECATED. Use /rxcui/{rxcui}/property?propName=STRENGTH
/rxcui/{rxcui}/unii DEPRECATED. Use /rxcui/{rxcui}/property?propName=UNII_CODE