RxNorm API
The RxNorm API is a web service for accessing the current RxNorm data set.

With one exception, no license is needed to use the RxNorm API. This is because the data returned from the API is from the RxNorm vocabulary, a non-proprietary vocabulary developed by the National Library of Medicine.

The API can be accessed by clients in two different ways:
Please check RxNorm API changes for the curent updates.

Functions and Resources

In the table, the base URI ( http://rxnav.nlm.nih.gov/REST/ ) for the REST resources has been omitted to improve readability.

SOAP Function REST resource Description
approxMatch /approx?term=value To be deprecated. Search by name to find the closest RxNorm concepts
filterByProperty /rxcui/{rxcui}/filter?propName=value&propValues=values newFilter by property
findRemapped /remap/{rxcui} To be deprecated. Return the re-mapped concept identifiers from an obsolete concept
findRxcuiById /rxcui?idtype=value&id=value&allsrc=value Search by identifier to find RxNorm concepts
findRxcuiByString /rxcui?name=value&srclist=value&allsrc=value&search=value Search by name to find RxNorm concepts
getAllClasses /classes?src=values&type=value newReturn the drug class concepts for the specified drug vocabulary
getAllConceptsByTTY /allconcepts?tty=values Return the RxNorm concepts for the specified term types
getAllProperties /rxcui/{rxcui}/allProperties?prop=values Return all properties for a concept
getAllRelatedInfo /rxcui/{rxcui}/allrelated Return all related concept information
getApproximateMatch /approximateTerm?term=value&maxEntries=value&option=value Approximate match search to find closest strings
getClassHierarchy /rxcui/{rxcui}/hierarchy?src=value&type=value&oneLevel=value new Return drug class information
getClassMembers /members?id=value&src=value&type=value new Return drug class members
getDisplayTerms /displaynames Return the auto suggestion names
getDrugs /drugs?name=value Return the related drugs
getIdTypes /idtypes Return the available identifier types
getMultiIngredBrand /brands?ingredientids=value Return the brands containing the specified ingredients
getNDCs /rxcui/{rxcui}/ndcs Return all National Drug Codes (NDC) for a concept
getPropCategories /propCategories Return the property categories.
getPropNames /propnames Return the property names.
getProprietaryInformation /rxcui/{rxcui}/proprietary?srclist=values&ticket=value&rxaui=value Return the proprietary information for a concept
getQuantity /rxcui/{rxcui}/quantity To be deprecated. Return the quantity attribute for a concept
getRelatedByRelationship /rxcui/{rxcui}/related?rela=values Return the related concepts of specified relationship types
getRelatedByType /rxcui/{rxcui}/related?tty=values Return the related concepts of specified term types
getRelaTypes /relatypes Return the available relationship types
getRxConceptProperties /rxcui/{rxcui}/properties Return the concepts properties
getRxcuiStatus /rxcui/{rxcui}/status Return the status of the concept
getRxNormVersion /version Return the RxNorm data set version
getRxProperty /rxcui/{rxcui}/property?propName=value newReturn the value of a concept property
getSourceTypes /sourcetypes Return the available vocabulary abbreviated source types
getSpellingSuggestions /spellingsuggestions?name=value Return spelling suggestions for a name
getSplSetId /rxcui/{rxcui}/splsetid To be deprecated. Return the structured product label set identifiers for a concept
getStrength /rxcui/{rxcui}/strength To be deprecated. Return the strength attribute for a concept
getTermTypes /termtypes Return the available term types
getUNII /rxcui/{rxcui}/unii To be deprecated. Return the UNII Code for a concept