• RxNav

    RxNav is a browser for several drug information sources, including RxNorm, RxTerms and NDF-RT. RxNav finds drugs in RxNorm from the names and codes in its constituent vocabularies.

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  • APIs

    Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are available to users to retrieve data from several drug information sources, including RxNorm, NDF-RT and RxTerms.

    Currently there are six APIs available - RxNorm, Prescribable RxNorm, RxClass, NDF-RT, RxTerms and Drug Interaction

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  • RxMix

    RxMix is a web application that allows users to combine functions from seven different APIs to create custom applications that can be run interactively or in a batch mode.

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  • RxClass

    The RxClass Browser is a web application for exploring and navigating through the class hierarchies to find the RxNorm drug members associated with each class.

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RxNav brand names

DailyMed API in RxMix

Functionality of the DailyMed API has been added to RxMix. Included are functions to retrieve drug classes, manufacturer drug names, National Drug Codes (NDCs), packaging information and drug class members. See RxMix for more details including runnable examples.

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NDC Properties Function

A new function to retrieve National Drug Code (NDC) properties for an NDC, a Structured Product Label (SPL) or an RxNorm concept is now available. See getNDCProperties (SOAP) or /ndcproperties (REST).

NDC History Function

A function to retrieve National Drug Code (NDC) history for any RxNorm concept is now available. The function provides past and present NDCs for a specified concept. See getAllNDCs (SOAP) or /allndcs (REST).

NDC Status Function

A function to retrieve NDC status has been added to the RxNorm API. The function/resource provides status information on NDCs in RxNorm and includes history information for each NDC. See getNDCStatus (SOAP) or /ndcstatus (REST).
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